Ahead of the Liverpool headline show, Muddy Elephant have released anthemic indie pop hit ‘Helter Skelter’ that instantly has you hooked and wanting more from this sensational band. Previous tracks from Muddy Elephant have been featured on BBC Music Introducing and ITV’S This Morning and this song will be following the same amount of love.

Frontman Sam Passey says “Helter Skelter is about being stuck in a loop everyday, working in the same job, same routine and struggling to break out of it” which you feel as you listen to the song and hear the whirling guitar riffs and lyrics going round and round making you feel slightly disorientated and completely wrapped up in the song.

Passey goes on to say “I first started to write about it whilst sat at my desk at work, experiencing ground hog day. I realised I needed to break out of the loop and make a change. I then discovered my band mates felt exactly the same, as well as most of the UK, which is why we feel this song will connect with so many people”. Muddy Elephant have hit the nail on the head with ‘Helter Skelter’ and have encapsulated the nations feelings, whether you’re in a band or not, and they are trying to break the mould and free themselves.

Muddy Elephant are definitely heading in the right direction to do that with his indie sensation and having played live for The Pentatonic before we can assure you it’s even better in person.

Written by: Stuart Daley