Megan Wyn, the 18-year-old prodigious talent, has made a significant impact in her young career, and her latest release, ‘Familiar Faces’, is a testament to her undeniable talent. This track takes a bold step forward, demonstrating her musical maturity and dynamism.

‘Familiar Faces’ is a departure from her previous dreamlike sound, offering a fast-paced, seething, and emotionally charged narrative. Megan’s poignant lyrics reveal the frustrations of dealing with a past relationship, with lines like “They only throw stones to leave a scar” showcasing her lyrical prowess.

What sets ‘Familiar Faces’ apart is Megan’s ability to draw from a wide range of influences, both contemporary and classic. Her sultry vocals, reminiscent of PJ Harvey, captivate the listener and leave an indelible mark.

The song’s composition was a collaborative effort with producer Alex Quinn, and the result is a raw and emotionally charged sound that perfectly complements Megan’s vocals. As Megan herself explained, the song is about the complexities of love and how jealousy can undermine a promising relationship. ‘Familiar Faces’ is a testament to Megan’s songwriting skills and her ability to convey powerful emotions through her music.

With a growing list of achievements, including playlist support from Radio X and a live session with John Kennedy, Megan Wyn is undeniably a rising star. ‘Familiar Faces’ is a powerful statement and shows that Megan is a young artist with a bright future ahead.

Photo by Sam Crowston

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