A track built to capture the frustrations of being overlooked, ‘Touch Of Gold’ is the third studio single from the fast rising Sheffield band LUNARCA. 

This year has seen the lads from the Steel City rise rapidly in popularity with appearances at major festivals such as Reading & Leeds and the Crystal Stage at Tramlines. As well as these appearances the lads have managed to ramp up over 15 million views on social media channels and near 50k streams between singles, quite the achievement for a band who are only onto their third single!

‘Touch Of Gold’ has that lovely northern UK charm to it, a feel you get immediately when the song kicks in. There’s just this swagger about the track which puts all of the attitude into the music. There are many things to be commented on in this track not least the drums. The intricate little fills in this track as well as just the beat that ticks over throughout just all underpin the rest of the track and allow it to have that swagger I mentioned.

Although I’d love to completely pick apart every single detail in this track in detail, I could talk for pages about it. The guitars, just so extravagant. There’s licks and riffs using a wah tone that Jimi Hendrix would be proud of, beautiful fuzzy tones. The guitar just sits in where it needs to and never does more than needed. The final touch on this track is one to not be overlooked. The vocal. Melodic in the extreme, a huge catchy hook line and the performance is so full of attitude that you believe every word that is being delivered by frontman Connor Berry.

LUNARCA, the next best coming out of Sheffield and taking guitar music into a different place. There are so many bands who come out of Sheffield who try to be, well you know what band I’ll reference. LUNARCA are absolutely not guilty of that, pure excellence.

Written by Simon Stirzaker


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