Sonically confusing but in the very best way, ‘Tamagotchi Nights’ by Lucy Lorenne and The Early Birds opens with an 8-bit synth in this journey back to childhood innocence and fantasy. The immediate light-heartedness of this track does make it extremely easy-listening, not to mention that you cannot refuse to tap your toes along with this one. It’s a track which wouldn’t sound out of place in one of those early teens shows on disney channel. 

The Australian music scene has really come to the forefront of the indie world in recent years with some great bands and it would seem that Lucy Lorenne and The Early Birds are ready to join that list of names with some incredibly unique stylistic choices.

Co-written by Lucy herself alongside Matt Hargreaves and Flagrant Artists producer Ben Oldland, this track seamlessly combines those electronic synth elements with some really catchy hooks and some incredible guitar tones alongside a huge bassline.

The one thing within this song that just doesn’t quite sit right, I would say, is the bass. I understand the need for a big bass sound in this song; it just seems as if the bass is so much more prominent than everything else in certain sections. Namely the chorus.

Overall, this is an extremely interesting track to listen to and constantly had my ears pricking up at various intricate aspects within the song. The production could maybe use a touch more work in places but it doesn’t need a huge amount of changing. A great body of work coming from down under from a really intriguing artist in Lucy Lorenne.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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