Lucky Number You’s latest single, ‘Hands On The Horizon’, delivers a refreshing blend of nostalgia and contemporary flair. Hailing from Birmingham, UK, this three-piece alternative band continues to carve their own path in the music scene with a sound that defies categorisation. Drawing inspiration from 80s and 90s pop and rock classics while infusing their unique sonic imprint, Lucky Number You offers a captivating listening experience.

Released via Flagrant Disregard Records on March 8th, ‘Hands On The Horizon’ marks another milestone for the band following their successful debut album, ‘Aftercare‘. The track, accompanied by a lyric video, explores themes of hope and inspiration amidst confusion and self-doubt, resonating with audiences seeking solace in turbulent times.

What sets this single apart is its incorporation of a saxophone solo, courtesy of collaborator Matt Telfor, adding a dynamic layer to the band’s already rich sound palette. With influences ranging from Talking Heads to Janet Jackson, Lucky Number You crafts a sonic landscape that bridges the gap between past and present, appealing to fans of diverse musical genres.

‘Hands On The Horizon’ showcases the band’s prowess in songwriting, recording, and production, mastered by Tom Woodhead. For fans of The Cure, LCD Soundsystem, and beyond, this track offers a compelling addition to any playlist, promising an immersive journey through sound and emotion. Lucky Number You continues to captivate audiences with their distinct sound, solidifying their position as a band to watch in the alternative music scene.

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