Lizzie Esau’s latest release, ‘Wait Too Late’, marks a significant leap forward in her musical journey. Following the success of her previous track, ‘Impossible + Strange’, which garnered attention from Radio 1’s Future Artists and Absolute Radio’s Sunday Night Music Club, Esau delivers a powerful and politically charged anthem that demands attention.

From the outset, ‘Wait Too Late’ captivates with its infectious synth backbone, inspired by the rhythmic energy of The Stone Roses’ ‘Fools Gold’. Esau’s lyrics cut to the core of contemporary issues, addressing societal apathy and the urgent need for action. With poignant lines like “Far, cry, war, rage, we fear, in pain, and take, no blame,” she confronts the complacency surrounding global crises.

The song’s chorus serves as a rallying cry, urging listeners to “make a change” in the face of environmental degradation and humanitarian injustices. Esau’s impassioned delivery drives home the urgency of the message, culminating in the searing indictment: “We’re killing off the wildlife and we’re emptying the seas, to fill them with bodies who longed for shores they’d never reach.”

Recorded at Somerton Castle in Lincolnshire with her talented band and longtime collaborator Steve Grainger producing, ‘Wait Too Late’ promises to ignite stages during the upcoming festival season. With its blend of raw energy and incisive commentary, this track solidifies Lizzie Esau’s place as a bold voice in contemporary music.

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