Liz Lawrence’s latest single, ‘Strut’, sets the tone for a vibrant journey through her upcoming album, ‘Peanuts‘. In a world craving connection and communal spaces, Lawrence’s call to action resonates deeply. ‘Strut’ is more than just a catchy tune; it’s a rallying cry to rediscover the essence of community, urging listeners to embrace the physical spaces that define our neighbourhoods.

With a blend of infectious beats and poignant lyrics, Lawrence captures the essence of a society grappling with the loss of public spaces and a yearning for reconnection. As she embarks on her “Big British Pub Crawl”, inviting fans to nominate their favourite local haunts, she reinforces the importance of preserving these gathering spots.

Peanuts‘ promises to be more than just an album; it’s a collection of protest songs for an England on the brink of change. Lawrence’s introspective exploration of themes like crumbling communities and environmental activism adds depth to her musical narrative. Tracks like ‘Big Machine’ showcase her ability to fuse social commentary with catchy melodies, earning acclaim from BBC 6 Music and Radio X.

Overall, ‘Strut’ serves as a compelling preview of what’s to come from Liz Lawrence. With its infectious energy and thought-provoking themes, it sets high expectations for “Peanuts” and Lawrence’s forthcoming tour across the UK.

Photo by Emily Marcovecchio

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