A vintage kind of DIY sound is presented in the latest works of Manchester rocker’s Little Strange. Describing themselves as being in a new era as they now produce their own tracks, this band are a real testament to what can be produced with a set of instruments and a can-do attitude. 

“I Get By’ has some sonically brilliant sounds with the guitars being a standout to me. The tones in the room do exactly what the band are aiming for by replicating the sound of a live band. This part of the making of this track is simply genius, the lads haven’t gone all out on the mask of post-production, but have instead opted to concentrate on getting the best sounds they can in the room while recording.Whilst I do have a lot of love for this very raw element of the track, I do believe that to completely abandon or to even overlook elements of post-production has a harmful effect on a track.

Upon listening this track is quite obviously well crafted. The DIY attitude and the heart of this track is in the right place but I just don’t feel this track sounds as good as it really could with some great production behind it. This absolutely takes nothing away from the work these lads have put in though. To be knocked back by studio costs and to then decide to just do it all yourself to save the cost is a move which is quite brave on the part of any artist. Aside from the aspect of missing production qualities you can really take away a sort of feel for how this song would sound live, something which Little Strange have aimed for in their musical endeavours.

A band I’d like to hear more from and a track I’d absolutely like to experience in a live setting.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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