Recorded at Liverpool’s iconic recording studio The Motor Museum with coveted producer Ben Harper (The Mysterines, The Luka State, The Sherlocks) LILAC have come up with the goods once again for a fantastic piece of work.

‘Touch’ is a song which was one of the original bodies of work created by Beth and Lewis remotely during lockdown all the way back in 2020. This version however possesses much more grit than the original demo according to the band.

There’s something really ethereal about this track, the vocal is absolutely a huge part of that. That vocal sort of just commands the whole track, though it sits further back in the mix in places it never loses any power at any point.

A part of this track which I do however feel doesn’t live up to the rest of the track and perhaps doesn’t even add much to the track is the guitar solo. It feels a little bit pointless where it is and quite honestly isn’t the most astounding guitar work either. This almost feels like the guitarist has gone ‘I want a solo in this one’ and sort of just chucked it literally anywhere in the track. To add to this, the guitar solo is the one place in the track where the production seems to go a little awry, it’s way too loud in the mix!

There are however a lot of redeeming qualities within this track which make up for that small niggle. Not least the production (for the most part) of this track. Unreal.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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