‘Nothing But The Sun’, the latest single from East-London based band Le Light instantly feels like a throwback to all that was great about the 80s. 

Those mysterious, shimmering synths alongside the funky disco feel of the track really feel like they’ve come from a different time.

I feel like this track could maybe use a bit of a change in dynamic somewhere as it does appear to stay very much the same throughout, something that may make some listeners lose interest.

There are many things I expect from most UK bands but this is absolutely not what I had in mind before listening to the song for the first time. It’s such a dance inducing toe-tapper with a really catchy hook line to it.

I do feel that with a couple of improvements this track could go up yet another level and be an absolute masterpiece. However, a really great foundation for some great music from the guys in Le Light. A band I’ll definitely keep my eyes and ears open for.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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