Harmonic beauty in the latest single from North East band Komparrison. ‘He Doesn’t Get It’ features vocal parts which I would not have expected over the almost grungey music. 

The stand out of this track is without doubt, as I previously mentioned, the vocal layering and the understanding of the music to have made the harmonies possible.

This is easily one of the most unique sounds I have heard in a while from any band. Initially I thought there was a bit too much of a contrast between the strength of the music and the vocal. However, after more listening this contrast hugely grew on me. It’s actually fairly refreshing to hear somebody doing something so differently to everyone else.

I’ll definitely be going on to listen to more music from Komparrison, really great to see a predominantly female group coming to the forefront of what has become a male dominated genre in recent years!

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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