Having heard and reviewed every track Keyside have released since their debut, I always look forward to pressing play when their name comes across my inbox. ‘Angeline’ has once again not failed to deliver a proper belter of a tune.

I’m not sure how but these boys are single handedly reshaping everything I expect of any band from Merseyside. This song and their others always seems to have that typical ‘Merseybeat’ style bounce in the rhythm section. It’s something that feels so classic and familiar but never ever overdone.

Keyside have absolutely taken the scene and industry by storm since they formed and started making music. With huge shows at prestigious venues such as the O2 Academy and Arts Club in Liverpool, these lads have started absolutely smashing through their local scene and I would certainly expect them to start conquering the national scene too.

The customary sound for this band is within that bouncy backbeat, a storytelling vocal and some incredible guitar tones inspired by some indie greats from down the years.

These lads are delivering a sound which others try to create and often, these bands end up sounding very much the same as each other. Not Keyside. This band have that familiarity and freshness to them all at the same time, this makes them such a breath of fresh air to listen to within the indie scene.

Insane work from the boys, as always I’ll look forward to what follows on from this

Written by Simon Stirzaker

Photo by lukedoesvisuals

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