KAWALA’s latest offering, ‘What’s Up’, is a vibrant testament to their evolution as artists, encapsulating the essence of summer in its infectious rhythms and uplifting melodies. The North London five-piece effortlessly crafts an upbeat anthem that serves as a gentle check-in to a close friend, inviting listeners into a world filled with woozy sunshine-filled sonics that unspool like a blissful daydream.

Following their fan-favourite track, ‘American Adrenaline’, KAWALA continues to impress with their ability to infuse depth and substance into seemingly breezy compositions. ‘What’s Up’ not only shines on the surface with its catchy hooks and California-kissed vibes but also prompts listeners to delve deeper, challenging them to look beyond the glossy facade to uncover layers of meaning and introspection.

The band’s newfound direction has been met with enthusiastic acclaim from fans, evident in their sold-out shows in London and Manchester, as well as their successful tours alongside renowned acts like Bombay Bicycle Club and Giant Rooks across Europe. As they gear up for their headline tour in May, including their biggest London show to date at Outernet on May 22nd, KAWALA proves that they are ready to take centre stage and captivate audiences with their infectious energy and undeniable talent.

In ‘What’s Up’, KAWALA not only delivers a sonically captivating experience but also invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and introspection, cementing their status as one of the most exciting acts to watch in 2024.


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