Kaiden Nolan’s latest single, ‘Undersold’, emerges as a confident declaration from the heart of Manchester’s musical landscape. Drawing from influences spanning generations – from the timeless resonance of John Lennon to the contemporary edge of Arctic Monkeys and Sam Fender – Nolan crafts a mature and self-assured piece that heralds his arrival with flair.

As the inaugural offering from his upcoming EP, ‘The Thought Of U And I‘, slated for release in the summer of 2024, ‘Undersold’ resonates not only as a musical endeavour but as a conscientious social commentary. With a keen eye on the struggles of the working class amidst the current cost of living crisis, Nolan channels his own experiences and observations into a poignant anthem of longing and aspiration.

Meticulously crafted with airtight production, ‘Undersold’ doesn’t merely captivate with its soulful melodies but also with its resonant message. Nolan’s distinctive tenor, coupled with an articulate arrangement, creates a compelling narrative that transcends mere musicality.

In his own words, Nolan describes ‘Undersold’ as an ode to those striving for more, a reflection on societal values and the pursuit of material wealth. It’s a sentiment that rings true in the face of contemporary challenges, making ‘Undersold’ not just a song but a modern hymn for the British underclass.

With a sombre groove and a rousing chorus, punctuated by resplendent gospel-style backing vocals, ‘Undersold’ stands as a testament to Nolan’s prowess as both a musician and a storyteller. As he prepares to embark on the next phase of his journey, it’s clear that Kaiden Nolan is an artist to watch, poised to make waves not only in Manchester but on a national stage.

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