Kai Undrell, an artist toying with influences from times gone by has made this classy synth-driven new tune ‘Can It Get Any Better…?’ which is the first of two singles from his upcoming five track EP ‘Full Fat Fear’, which releases on Friday October 13th.

This track starts with a glorious sounding piano part before the rest of this disco-infused instrumentation kicks in. This track contains quite a few nuances that help to make it the brilliant piece of music which it is. The main one of all of these is the extremely minimalistic guitar which sort of pops into the track at certain points. There’s a lovely little lick in some space just before the second chorus which adds something a little extra to the track. Then for what I assume is a guitar solo, or at least sounds like one. Superb composition.

Undrell claims himself to be ‘free from the confines of genre boundaries’ which, though a bold comment, is somewhat shown within this latest release. ‘Can It Get Any Better…?’ showcases a plethora of musical influences all within one track and makes for an extremely interesting sound. I would say that there is still a lot of room to make this sound more refined for Kai but this is a great platform for that.

It would seem that Kai Undrell’s previous releases have all seen some relative success too with over 15,000 streams between them. Not bad for an artist with only three releases to his name!

A sound which is a throwback to some great times with a touch of something new, exciting prospects for this up and coming artist. I’ll be looking forward to seeing what is in store upon the upcoming EP from Kai Undrell as I believe many other people should be too.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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