Jack Hyphen’s latest release, ‘Happiness’, is a testament to the artist’s evolution from a solo endeavour to a dynamic 4-piece alternative pop/rock outfit. Hailing from Manchester, Jack Hyphen seamlessly blends elements of indie pop and alternative rock to craft an atmospheric, punchy, and occasionally ethereal sound.

The journey from acoustic singles like ‘Not Aligned’ to the debut 4-track EP ‘Stops / Changes‘ in November 2019 showcased the artist’s vocal prowess and hinted at the promise of a larger sonic landscape. However, like many musicians, the challenges of surviving as a full-time performer during the lockdown posed a formidable obstacle. Undeterred, Jack Hyphen took a transformative hiatus, spending valuable time with friends in Croatia. This hiatus birthed a renewed creative spirit, resulting in the decision to write and record a new EP during a two-week isolation period upon returning.

At the core of this indie rock masterpiece, ‘Happiness’ delves into the disillusionment stemming from conforming to society’s predefined notions of success and comparing one’s path to others. The track’s pulsating heart beats with fervour, mirroring the inner turmoil of those who dare to question established norms. The guitars wail, and the drums pound, creating a sonic landscape that perfectly complements the raw authenticity of the lyrics.

One intriguing aspect of ‘Happiness’ is the inclusion of crowd voicenotes from two of Jack’s gigs, emphasising a sense of unity in questioning societal expectations. The song suggests that the pursuit of happiness is a collective journey, and the strength to challenge norms arises from the shared spirit of those who resonate with the message.

In conclusion, Jack Hyphen’s ‘Happiness’ is a compelling exploration of self-discovery, societal expectations, and the collective strength found in questioning the status quo. With its captivating riffs, harmonies, and divine melodies, this track solidifies Jack Hyphen’s place in the indie pop and alternative rock scene.

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