Hailing from the North West of England, Issy Sutcliffe brings a lifetime of songwriting and singing experience to her latest release, ‘Drugs Can’t Fix Me’. Drawing on her roots, her music is a unique blend of classic blues and messy punk, with influential echoes of Big Mama Thornton and the Sex Pistols woven into her sound.

In this emotionally charged track, Issy delves deep into the intricacies of depression, offering an unflinchingly honest perspective on its overwhelming impact. She portrays a haunting sense of hopelessness, a feeling that compels individuals to turn to drugs and alcohol as a means to numb the pain. The lyrics strike a poignant chord, emphasising the inability to alter the past and the grim reality that substances can’t genuinely mend the wounds inflicted by mental anguish.

‘Drugs Can’t Fix Me’ not only showcases Issy’s remarkable songwriting talent but also her emotive vocals, which navigate the complex emotional terrain of the song. This haunting piece serves as a powerful reminder of the harsh realities of mental health struggles, a subject often swept under the rug. Issy Sutcliffe’s ability to address such a challenging theme in her music is both commendable and thought-provoking, making ‘Drugs Can’t Fix Me’ a compelling and evocative listening experience for those seeking raw, unfiltered expression in music.

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