A really brilliant new song coming from Manchester artist Issy Sutcliffe, ‘Baby, Bye’ is a song full of pure punky attitude and driving drumbeats ready to get any room of people bouncing. 

The guitars are just one aspect of the parts that make this song smack you straight in the face, reminiscent of the sound of so many great punk bands. That sort of bit of grit that’s not too much but breaks up the signal a bit really pushes the riff right to the front of the mix. Secondly, the drums on this record, they offer such a huge push in the right direction for this song. The track, though energetic is pushed forward a million miles by this part of the instrumentation.

The obvious standout in this though is Issy’s vocals. From being the age of 6 Issy has worked on her craft and those years of hard work have culminated in this gnarly project. The vocal performance is  jam packed with grit and raw emotion. It’s often easy to tell when an artist doesn’t quite connect with a song but Issy is not guilty of this, you’re left with a sense that there is pain in absolutely every word she sings.

In the pipeline for the north-west starlet are a couple more singles before the release of the debut EP from Issy Sutcliffe, work that is definitely something to look forward to. After support from XS Manchester and BBC Introducing, one can only imagine that further music will propel even further and garner much more support from tastemakers.

An artist who more than definitely has all the ability to achieve whatever she wants, even on her own as a solo artist. And a single that more than definitely leaves a lasting impression on the listener. Issy Sutcliffe, a name to watch out for!

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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