Hebden Bridge powerhouse ‘HUDSUN’ is back with his brand new single ‘Run’! We have followed Sam from the very start and watched him grow as an artist, this new single just shows that.

For those just discovering his work, ‘HUDSUN’ is a project defined by alternative sounds fused from influences in soul, electronic and rock music written and performed by Sam Hudson.

‘Run’ is a strong contender for single of the year, something different from ‘HUDSUN’, experimenting with a more unique, electronic sound with the same soulful, powerful vocals and huge anthemic chorus. ‘Run’ just highlights how good of a songwriter Sam is. You can just imagine this song being played as part of an action soundtrack on a film. 

We caught up with Sam to find out more about his latest single and how he has been coping during the current crisis…

What is ‘Run’ all about, is there a story behind the song? “Run is about someone who is speeding through life far too quickly, believing that they are heading towards something great when really they are missing out on life. It’s an acknowledgment of feeling like you are constantly underachieving and therefore unable to take a rest but in the process, draining yourself of energy and losing touch with people who care for you”

How have you been keeping busy during the current COVID-19 situation? I have been writing literally every day. I get bored very easy so while being stuck in the house I thought this was the perfect time to get ahead with some new material. There’s a particular new project I’m putting together which I can’t wait to announce. 

What do you have in store for the rest of the year? Once Run is out I will be looking at other ways to keep busy whilst the live scene is on hold. I have a few ideas for live sessions amongst some other creative ideas to still perform for people online. 

Do you have a go to karaoke song? Justin Timberlake – Senorita. Everytime. 

Who are your top 3 favourite up and coming bands at the moment? It’s tricky as I haven’t seen a live band now in months grrr so I will go with some I have discovered online recently including Confetti, Silent Child and Black Math