Home Counties’ latest offering, ‘Wild Guess’, serves as an enticing preview to their forthcoming debut album, ‘Exactly As It Seems‘. Rooted in a shared upbringing in a quaint Buckinghamshire village, the band’s evolution is evident as they move away from a guitar-centric sound, aiming to become a more melodic force that prioritises synths, hooks, and, above all, the pursuit of a good time.

The band’s relocation to London finds expression in their single, ‘Bethnal Green’, where they skilfully capture the nuance and charm of the capital. The lyrics maintain the same observant eye for the day-to-day details of modern living, a characteristic that has defined Home Counties’ earlier material. Yet, this time, there’s a marked shift toward a more joyous and dance-oriented approach, as articulated by guitarist Will: “We want to be a more melodic band, with pop tunes and catchy songs… We want our gigs to be fun.”

Produced and recorded by guitarist Conor Kearney and mixed by Andy Savours, ‘Wild Guess’ encapsulates the essence of Home Counties’ current ethos. The track delves into a spectrum of concerns, from day-to-day financial worries to the fear of social isolation in old age and the looming threat of ecological collapse. Despite these weighty subjects, the band manages to infuse the music with an infectious energy that veers away from despair, creating a musical experience that is joyous and liberating.

As Home Counties prepares for their 2024 debut album, ‘Wild Guess’ hints at a promising musical direction. The band’s ability to balance insightful lyricism with hook-filled, dance-inducing melodies bodes well for an album that promises to celebrate the beauty in the ordinary while inviting listeners into a world where even the struggles of modern living can be embraced with a grin and a dance.

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