After an upbringing in a small southern village outside of Buckinghamshire, Home Counties have recently relocated in the UK’s capital, this song shines a really relatable light upon life in London and in our country in general!

With their first release since a hugely successful 2022 release, the latest works ‘Bethnal Green’ showcases new lead singer Lois Kelly for the first time.

A track brimming with interesting and room-filling synth sounds, ‘Bethnal Green’ is just about everything you’d expect from any sort of ‘synth-pop’ track if you can call it that.

The band no longer identify themselves as a guitar music sort of band, this single is the first step in that direction for them as they want their live shows to be fun and bouncy.

It’s quite interesting that this song doesn’t stick to the conventional aspect of having one main hook which would typically be in the vocal. Instead there are a number of different melodies and motifs that run through on synths; at times backing up a vocal melody, but often motifs in their own right. An aspect that adds a lot to this song.

Home Counties have created a track with ‘Bethnal Green’ that feels very much like a musical journey. Each section feels like a new step on a journey and something that travels somewhere slightly different than what has gone before.

A great release, and after successful sold out headlines and notable support slots you’d be a fool not to be intrigued by this new era of music from Home Counties.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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