A melodically transcendent masterpiece from Highline, yet another band providing us with some unreal tunes from down-under.  The Sydney based band, who go all the way back to their high school days, have seen a huge amount of success in recent years with support from MTV Australia, Spotify editorials, Ticketmaster, Triple J and so many more. The music absolutely speaks for itself and for all of that success so far with its sheer quality. 

The lads are releasing this song which is the lead single, and a first taste of their full-length debut album, releasing in 2024. There’s so much to say about this tune that it’s really hard to actually know where to start.

The song is constantly building, a huge part of the impact which it has on a listener. Starting in a very raw form and slowly bringing in those arena-esc drums and even more throughout the track with distorted guitar tones and huge vocals.

Exit A follows on from EP’s which the band have released which have gained nearly two million streams between them. If that success and this quality of music is anything to go by I’d tip these lads to start conquering the whole world very soon. They’ve more than definitely gained a huge fan in me!

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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