Cry ‘Til I Drown’ is the latest single from funky, alt pop group HI SIENNA. Plucked from their unreleased EP ‘Pickleback’, ‘Cry ‘Til I Drown’ gives us a sweet and sour taste of what’s to come with poppy drums, cool synths and lyrics that remind us of the healing power of friendship amidst heartbreak.

HI SIENNA are a four-piece band from Manchester, and have been churning out classic pop hits since 2019. Complete with guitar, drums, bass and the beautifully raspy vocals of lead-singer and front-woman Poppy-Jo, HI SIENNA have all the quintessential ingredients to create stellar tunes. And with each release, they’ve hit the nail on the head.

Bringing a mixture of influences to the table, such as pop punk, alternative pop and a little sprinkle of the 80s, HI SIENNA’s sound would please anyone, but especially those who are already fans of The 1975, Pale Waves and Paramore. Their latest single, Cry ‘Til I Drown’, prioritises a more poppy sound, with an incredibly catchy melody and chorus that you’ll find yourself humming for the rest of the week.

Making use of sparkly synths and sporadic harmonies, Cry ‘Til I Drown’ demonstrates exactly why HI SIENNA are building a reputation for dance-floor fillers and lyrics that land right in the feels. ‘Cry ‘Til I Drown’’s title summarises how we all have felt after a break up, but the track’s bouncy tune and affirming lyrics paint an opposing picture.

‘Cry ‘Til I Drown’ is first and foremost an ode to those friends who have the ability to scrape you off the ground when you’re at your lowest. Its relatable lyrics perfectly describe the hole you want to hide yourself in post-break up, and how your best friends are the only ones who can give you the tough love that provide crutches to prop yourself back up and begin the healing journey. The song itself builds up from wanting to lie on the ground to flying high as friends rally around you and remind us what life is really all about.

‘Cry ‘Til I Drown’ is the first release from HI SIENNA’s latest EP ‘Pickleback’, and with this track already receiving widespread love and radio plays, fans sit in anticipation to hear the rest. HI SIENNA have spent the last couple of years performing and frequenting festivals, and the grind hasn’t stopped since this latest release and the invite to play at Camper Calling 2024.

Written by Charlotte Niblett

Photo by Liam Maxwell


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