Forming in the shadow of the world-famous Guinness Brewery, young Dublin act Hawke The Band have released anthemic 90s indie-rock hit ‘Pinch Me (Am I Dreaming?)’. This song builds on Richie Power (vocals/keyboards) and Eoghan MacMahon’s (vocals/guitar) love of The Verve and Oasis and adds in subtle notes of something fresh and vibrant with a glimmer of hope and beauty bubble on the surface of it.

‘Pinch Me (Am I Dreaming?)’ is produced by Jamie McIntyre, bassist for Manchester based sensation The Covasettes and you can hear his the iconic sound and bounce from his own music in this recording which brings out the punchy hooks that Hawke The Band have wrote into the song. Currently based in London, the duo have set out a bold plan for 2021 with ‘Pinch Me (Am I Dreaming?)’ being their second of twelve new singles they plan to release monthly throughout the year.

The upbeat and high octane melody that Hawke The Band have poured into their music is what has quickly attracted attention to the band and they have the strong mentality to build from the already established platform they have created to go on to have an incredible body of music to release to their fans in the coming year.

Written by: Stuart Daley