London-based Gold Spectacles are back with yet another fine example of the work that can be done with a DIY approach to making music. ‘PseudoFriends’ has this immediate bounce about the track interlinked with a slightly stuttered feel to the music. 

‘PseudoFriends’, contains what I’d consider a huge amount of pop sensibility. This track is guilty of many things, not least having a brilliant hook which I could absolutely see sitting among the big dogs in the pop charts.

When you consider the fact that this track has been approached in a DIY fashion, as is customary for Gold Spectacles, you really have to just take in and admire the quality of not only the music but the production work on this tune is absolutely fantastic. It somehow does not sound DIY and sounds more like its had a huge amount of budget thrown into a fancy studio. This really does speak volumes about the work that Gold Spectacles do themselves as producers alongside the writing of the music.

The song has this really friendly stutter about it which I mentioned in the beginning of this review, it’s something that confused my ears at first but also a quality of the song I immediately came to really like. Its the really staccato feel of everything, this seems to last throughout the track, in different areas of the instrumentation.

The vocals on this tune, are really nothing hugely special in terms of ability, this however is not a critique nor an insult. Vocally, this track just contains exactly what it needs and nothing more and I’d even say that if the vocal was performed in any other way this track just would not be as good as it is.

I can’t really pick out much fault with this track, I seem to remember critiquing the production value of the last Gold Spectacles track I reviewed, this is a major improvement if so. I’d maybe turn the drums down in the mix but that is the only change I can even begin to think of suggesting. Bouncy, catchy and excellently produced. ‘PseudoFriends’ is definitely one for your favourite pop music playlists!

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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