My immediate expectation of this song was something maybe a little bit gloomy due to the guitars in the intro of the track. Never have I been so wrong so fast. 

The impeccable vocal performance soon kicks into this tune, with it comes the transformation into a shimmering musical performance. This one is definitely a track made for those summer vibes when the sun is out.

There are so many great parts of this song, from the drums just ticking and grooving along all the way through to the layering of this track. It’s hard to single out anything particular. However, the one thing that is the standout is that vocal.

It seems there has been a huge rise in female vocalists in the indie genres of late and it’s quite literally music to my ears. There’s just something about the way this track is delivered vocally that makes it so much different to listening to any other band in this genre. I think that’s due to the difference in vocals.

Either way, musically this is just genius really. So many different layers just built upon each other and amazingly produced to make them all fit.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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