Garvie’s latest single, ‘So High’, is a sonic joyride that effortlessly fuses pop sensibilities with a kaleidoscope of influences, resulting in a delightful earworm. Garvie, known for his work on the London live scene, ventured into self-producing during the lockdown, leading to a vibrant sound-world that marries big guitars, playful synths, and cheeky 8-bit throwbacks.

In ‘So High’, Garvie hits the ceiling with an irreverent exploration of diving headfirst into new experiences, both in the literal and figurative sense. The song’s kaleidoscopic production is a whirlwind of funk bass, wobbly strings, chiptune synths, and Deep South slide guitar, all complemented by Garvie’s airy falsetto vocals.

The track manages to be trippy and atmospheric while never sacrificing its pop sensibilities, featuring a plethora of hooks that linger in your mind. Scoobert Doobert’s mix adds the perfect finishing touch, breaking Garvie’s ‘no reverb’ rule for this particular track.

‘So High’ is a vibrant and infectious offering, evoking shades of Still Woozy, Glass Animals, and Tash Sultana. Beyond its double meaning, the song also delves into the concept of commitment, resonating with those who tend to dive all in, too far, too quickly.

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