Gallaher’s Green have just released their new single “Catch The Sun”

The song from start to finish throws you into that summertime feeling with driving verses complimented by a huge chorus this could definitely mark a new beginning for the rock quartet. From the outset as the guitar riff cuts through the powerful drum beat you are drawn in to the song. The guitar instantly creates a summertime feel transporting you into past memories with friends and family.

The first line of the lyrics come in very gentle and clear with almost spoken verse which is quickly changed when the song builds up into a huge sing along chorus. The lyrics are very open to the listener and the song could be seen in so many different ways. Could the song be about the band? Being with friends or a love one? You can really relate to the song in any situation as the lyrics talk about working towards a goal and following a dream together, maybe the lyrics came subconsciously about the feelings of being in a band and the hardship and dedication it takes wanting to travel the world making memories and playing to crowds of people where they felt they belong.

This is definitely a step in the right direction for Gallaher’s Green, creating a big sounding song which will definitely be a crowd pleaser. The band tell me they have big ambitions for 2022 with a lot of new music already ready to release over the coming months and this might very well be the start of a new beginning for the band.

I’ve been lucky enough to see Gallaher’s Green play live multiple time and they are definitely not ones to miss!

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Written by Kian Talbot