Portsmouth band Flowvers deliver a charismatic blend of fresh indie pop with a healthy dose of youthful energy with their debut EP Throwaway Generation; a feel-good five track work of art. From the first time hearing this band headline a London show, with Dantevilles supporting, I knew i’d stumbled across something special.

The title track from the Throwaway Generation is the latest offering from Flowvers. ‘Throwaway Generation’ starts with the catchy guitar riff that builds the main focus of the song and a hint of DMA’S tone to it, before the drums kick in the vocals and the energy is injected into the song. The guitar takes a back seat during the verses, letting Matisse Moretti’s clear and crisp vocals shine through. The chorus’ brings the energy and dynamics that Flowvers have cemented as their sound; sing along vocals and guitars layered on top of each other to create the bouncing atmosphere that surrounds this song.

‘Throwaway Generation’ comes across on initial listen an a simply song, which catchy melodies and strong vocals, but as you delve deeper into the song the intricacy hits you. The guitars battling for prominence whilst the bass drives the song along; the unsung hero. Flowvers sprinkle in a mix of guitar tones and layered riffs throughout the song to build up the energy and dynamics that create this fresh sound, it’s impossible not to have this song playing at full volume.

Flowvers have followed on from the success of previous singles ‘She Don’t Talk About It’ and ‘Nosebleed’ which also feature on their debut EP with ‘Throwaway Generation’. They continued their relationship with producer Gethin Pearson (JAWS/Crystal Fighters) and it seems to be a working formula for the Pompey 4 piece. The band say “This is a round-up of the recent material we have been releasing and a natural end to what we would like to see as chapter of our musical journey”. If this is just the beginning for the band i’m looking forward to seeing what chapter 2 brings and which direction the band take from here.

Written by: Stuart Daley