Four piece rock band, Flashfires, are making waves in the alternative rock scene up and down the country. The young band have an ear for infectious melodies and an emphatic live performance and have already made a name for themselves after being featured on Huw Stephen’s BBC Radio 1 show with debut single ‘Manshark’.

Flashfires are releasing a self-titled EP which was recorded in the heart of Sacramento, California with producer Brian Wheat of US rock band Tesla and J Street Entertainment. ‘Champagne on Mars’ is the second release from this EP and follows on from recent single ‘Circus Boy’. This is a more melodic side to the band with lead singer Alex Gonzato showcasing his incredible vocals. ‘Champagne on Mars’  have a beautiful elegant edge to it and really emphases the lyrics that guide the listener on a journey through the song.

Gonzalo’s lyrics highlight a “darl story about a struggling performer who longs to live amongst the stars, but will on stand in the shadow of the spotlight, never finding their true purpose in the life”. Despite being much more a swaying ballad than Flashfires’ usual sound the sound ends with an anthemic climax.

This is a real statement of intent from Flashfires and showcases their diversity and talent. These are certainly a band to get behind before they take-off.

Written by: Stuart Daley