British singer songwriter Ellie Moon has released the second instalment from her debut EP Moonisms, ‘Promise It Won’t Be Boring’. A feel good song reminiscing the story of the morning after the night before, an experience we have all experienced all too much.

Born in Liverpool, Ellie and her family moved to Madrid aged 11 – something that would have a significant influence of her as an artist. Ellie started writing songs from an early age, she says “When I first started, it was just me and a guitar in Madrid, I didn’t know any other musicians. It was a 20€ guitar from a little Spanish place”, detailing the journey she’s gone on to become who she is now she explains “It just wasn’t me, or my personality, so I branched out and started to play in a band. I loved Jazz and Neo Jazz, so thought maybe I should try that and I somehow ended up where I am now.”

‘Promise It Won’t Be Boring’ has a really catchy rhythm to it with glee-laden guitars and upbeat brass sections. The vocals have a similarity to Lily Allen with a springing melody and almost spoken singing in parts with unique inflections in her voice. Ellie said she wrote this song about a wild weekend in Glasgow, “lyrically it’s the antithesis of a party anthem, and I wanted to convey that sense of impending doom you feel at the end of a night out… but the reality is the next day is never as bad as we make it out to be.”

Ellie Moon has captured the feelings of unwavering invincibility and originality that most young adults experience. ‘Promise It Won’t Be Boring’ is accompanied by a VHS throwback style video which resonates with the reminiscent and nostalgic feeling of the song. Ellie explains how she was inspired by the likes of Blondie and its obvious in the music and the video.

‘Promise It Won’t Be Boring’ is a really good marker for Ellie Moon, setting her platform before she heads out to showcase her live performance with a full band later on this year. 

Written by: Stuart Daley