‘Kimosabe’, the title single from the new upcoming Dope Lemon album sets the tone for what I expect will be a highly anticipated album.

After huge shows at the likes of Manchester’s Albert Hall recently; as well as support from huge national and international tastemakers on recent releases, Dope Lemon have created quite a light hearted nod to an iconic film with this track. ‘Kimosabe’ was influenced by the huge film Step Brothers and was also written collaboratively between Will Ferrell & Judd Apatow. The song also features and is built around a sample from the film itself.

As you’d expect from an artist as high up the ladder as Dope Lemon, there really isn’t much bad to take away from this track. The musicality is phenomenal with really funky parts that keep a really bouncy feel to the song. Alongside this, the production quality is just as high end as you’d expect from this sort of indie/pop track.

Dope Lemon’s title track from their upcoming album has left me with quite a lot of excitement, not an artist I’ve listened to a huge amount before I’ll more than definitely be checking out the new album when it comes out. Definitely an artist and a song perfect for those summer vibes.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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