Gnarly, full of attitude, glorious post-punk. Dick Dudley have produced yet another out-of-the-box banger about a rather strange subject – a tribute to those battling Kidney Disease. 

‘Salt’, follows on from a series of successful releases from Dick Dudley. The glamorous part of this music, is the fact that it very much sets itself apart from the rest of the post-punk genre.

The track contains those driven, crunchy guitars you become accustomed to with the genre, however, seems to have a lot more bounce within the music and the vocals. Unbelievable, so performative.

I really do not have one bad word to say about this track, I’m not normally a huge fan of this genre of music myself, Dick Dudley have however changed my mind with this track. Something very fresh within a genre which has quite a lot of bands doing very similar things.

With a mix of angst and raw emotion within their music, the lads have found a fine balance within their lyricism. Quite admirable writing from a quite admirable band.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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