Heartfelt, catchy and anthemic. Pretty much everything you could ever want from any piece of music. ‘Jessica’ by Daytime TV comes off the back of a lot of recent success for the band including a support tour in Europe. 

The melodies, the rhythms and just every bit of musicality about this track makes it something quite special to listen to. It’s almost a breath of fresh air in a musical sense.

Not often do I find myself singing a track back to myself after only the first listen, this one however had its words spinning in my head straight away.

Daytime TV have, in recent history, garnered support from some of the biggest tastemakers in the country. Alongside this the band have also been taking to some of the bigger festival stages and hugely bolstering their name in the industry.

With more releases like this I can see Daytime TV making their way right to the top.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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