‘Block Out The Noise, coming in at a lovely little length of Two minutes and Twenty seconds long, is the latest release from Scottish lads Daytime TV. Following on from the brilliant sound of their last release ‘Jessica’, these lads have once again outdone themselves. 

This track lands just before the lads start their first ever European headline tour this month and you just can’t help but feel that with releases like this, the band will see many, many more tours of Europe and the world. Once in a while a band comes along and just completely blows you away with their sound, this is a perfect example of one of those occasions.

‘Block Out The Noise’ is a song that has it all – huge, punchy sounding drums that I can fully imagine filling any huge venue, mega synth sounds and most importantly of all, the chorus and hook of this track are so catchy. I’ve listened twice and it’s already caught in my brain.

Commenting on the release, vocalist Will Irvine states that this track is the band’s ‘anthem for drowning out the chaos’, I can’t think of any better way of drowning anything out than listening to a track with this much swagger and attitude. The track is all about ‘choosing your own path and not letting negative influences control you’. Between this message and the sound of music between this release and the last one which I reviewed, one thing becomes abundantly clear. The music itself and the band are both instantly likeable and familiar. This band have some serious relatability about them and that’s something which goes a long way in our music industry.

I could ramble on forever and a day about how incredible this track is but I think I’d probably run out of space! For a track that is so short it definitely kicks you in the face fast and leaves a lasting impression virtually straight away. For anyone looking for a song full of attitude to kick you through your gym session or for any point in your day, get listening to this. Remember the name folks, Daytime TV. Insanely good.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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