Danny Mellin’s latest offering, ‘Give You My Time’, is a testament to the artist’s unstoppable momentum following an electrifying headline tour in 2023. Teaming up with Alex Quinn (Royston Club, Overpass) once again, Mellin delivers a high-octane indie garage rock anthem that solidifies his position as a rising force in the music scene.

The track, produced by Quinn, is a sonic rollercoaster characterised by punchy guitar riffs, driving drums, and Mellin’s distinctive, honest vocals. ‘Give You My Time’ captures the essence of a one-sided relationship, portraying raw emotions with unfiltered authenticity. Mellin’s lyrical prowess shines through as he navigates the complexities of love and heartache, making this track a standout in his repertoire.

Described by BBC Introducing as possessing the immediacy of early Oasis, Danny Mellin’s unique blend of guitar-focused indie is showcased prominently in this latest release. The song’s infectious energy and anthemic choruses mirror Mellin’s live performances, which have already won over festival crowds, including a memorable show at Truck Festival in 2022.

As Mellin gears up for his second headline tour of the UK and a supporting role for The Sherlocks in Paris, ‘Give You My Time’ serves as a powerful precursor to what lies ahead. The artist’s commitment to crafting genuine and relatable music resonates strongly in this single, creating a connection with listeners that goes beyond the surface.

In the grand scheme of Danny Mellin’s burgeoning career, ‘Give You My Time’ stands out as a testament to his unwavering dedication to his craft. With its infectious energy, honest storytelling, and memorable instrumentation, this track solidifies Mellin’s status as a promising artist to watch in the indie music landscape.

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