Animated, possibly one of the best new releases I have come across of late. Crystal Tides are a band who are new to me but make an instant impression with how relatable their music and lyrics are.

The first thing that instantly caught my attention within this track was the production of the vocal in the very first verse. Having read that this song was about the struggles of life and mental health, it almost felt like the vocal in that first voice was being somewhat suppressed and drowned out. If this was a deliberate move for the meaning of the track, I have nothing but applause for the lads for the pure genius.

‘Animated’ is a song which, though full of some of the worst emotions, does hold some element of hope and triumph musically. The musical elements of this song are a stark contrast to the lyrical content. I’m a huge fan of this contrast. It’d be so easy to make another sad ballad for the world but the creativity to put the pain into a piece of music which is otherwise full of life is absolutely incredible.

The lads from the south coast have made something of a real unique musical beauty in this one, a gnarly piece of rock music that’s full of life and raw, relatable emotion.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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