Possibly one of the most exciting bands on the Manchester circuit at the moment, Corella, are back with another huge sounding indie rock anthem with their latest release ‘Don’t Stop Me’. For me, one of the best releases I’ve come across during doing any reviews this year.

From the very first note, it is abundantly clear that this song is a labour of love, meticulously crafted by a group of exceptionally talented lads. The musicianship on display is truly awe-inspiring, and it is evident that Corella, as musicians, possess an unbelievable level of skill and passion for their craft. Each instrument, whether it be the soaring guitar melodies, the commanding drum patterns, or the mesmerising vocals, is executed with precision and an undeniable sense of purpose. The synergy between the musicians is striking, creating a musical chemistry that can only be achieved by individuals who are reaching the peak of their creative powers.

As the band continue their fast ascent in the music industry, they recently sold out their biggest hometown headline to date at Manchester’s academy 2. A huge night for the lads following the release of this latest single. This comes after a summer full of festival slots at some huge UK festivals such as Reading & Leeds, Kendal Calling and Neighbourhood.

‘Don’t Stop Me’ has just about anything you could wish for as a listener and is a track that keeps adding layers of intrigue throughout and building upon itself to keep the level of interest in the tune high. Though this seems a very basic part of any writing process it’s something that so many don’t quite get fully right. The lads in Corella have nailed it.

In a time where music production and musicianship are sometimes overshadowed by superficial elements, this song stands as a quite brilliant example of what can be achieved when talent, dedication, and a commitment to musical excellence come together. It is a testament to the endless possibilities within the realm of music, reminding us that true artistry is not just about creating sound but creating an experience.

Corella are easily one of the most exciting bands on their way up on the Manchester and UK circuit. A band that are also easily one of the best in their field. With the recording of their debut studio album firmly underway, it’s an exciting time for any Corella fan when they’re still pumping out music of such high quality.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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