‘Original’, the opening track from the Sapien EP from masked Mancunians Cooper T. A band and track well informed by classic British indie sounds, overlayed by the unlikely in rap music.

Cooper T have here produced a track which sits within stark contrast to itself in many ways throughout, however, not in a detrimental sense. ‘Original’ has that sort of newness to it where you listen and your ears prick up because you haven’t heard much quite like this, ever. However it still has that sort of friendly familiarity to it.

There’s some toe tapping guitar riffs, a bass line underneath that makes the track groove and the backbeat provided from the drums which just ties this whole track together perfectly.

So much to say for any band that come out of Manchester and try to change the game a bit and make some fresh sounds. This is something that in the local scene I can’t actually ever remember hearing or seeing and is really a breath of fresh air (metaphorically, obviously) to my ears.

A tune which is exactly what it says on the tin, ‘original’. A tune definitely worth a listen by a band in Cooper T who are worth every bit of your time to listen to.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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