Concrete Club’s ‘Latency’ encapsulates the essence of contemporary existence with poignant lyricism and a vibrant musical landscape. Delving into the dichotomy between the mundane routines of daily life and the pursuit of profound moments, the song embodies a narrative of both weariness and hope. The concept of ‘Latency’, explored lyrically, resonates deeply, reflecting the journey towards realising one’s full potential amidst uncertainties and aspirations.

Formed from the remnants of previous musical endeavours, Concrete Club emerges as a dynamic force in the Manchester music scene. Comprising Jonny Brewster, Kallum Delf, Jamie Butterworth, and Jonny McGill, the band’s synergy is palpable, evident in their electrifying sound. Influenced by Manchester’s rich musical heritage, their music pulsates with driving riffs and robust rhythms, offering a refreshing fusion of genres.

‘Latency’ not only serves as a testament to the band’s evolution but also mirrors the zeitgeist of its inception in 2022. Through introspective lyrics and infectious melodies, Concrete Club invites listeners on a journey of self-discovery and resilience. With a promising trajectory ahead, Concrete Club’s ‘Latency’ is a testament to their artistic prowess and burgeoning presence in the indie music landscape.

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