North West rock’n’rollers Columbia have recently released their latest tune. ‘Memory Lane’ is a song which does very much take you on a journey through feelings of nostalgia. A real call to the rock music of the past with something nice and fresh added. 

Unlike many other bands, Columbia haven’t just stamped their name on the genre of rock’n’roll and not meant it. This track is an absolute banger and provides everything that many people love about rock music whilst still having something very new about it.

I can really imagine this being a belter at the lads’ live shows. There’s a constant build to the track; it doesn’t just go balls to the wall all at once and give you everything it has to offer. Instead, ‘memory lane’ adds a little something every section until it becomes the triumphant song that it is.

A shining vocal performance in this one from singer and bassist Johnny Eccleshall is absolutely my favourite part. There’s a real charm about the vocals on this track that make it nice and friendly on the ears, with a huge amount of soul in the performance too.

An unreal track from a band I’ll definitely be looking into more. Columbia, a name to remember and look out for.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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