Cassia finds themselves riding the crest of an exhilarating wave, captivating fans with a musical versatility that transcends boundaries and a distinctly global sound. Their recent singles, ‘High Tones’, ‘whatstheuse’, and ‘Find My Way Around,’ serve not only as a sonic journey but also as introspective reflections on their artistic evolution. The band’s ability to seamlessly blend storytelling with a visual spectacle, evident in the “Wes Anderson meets Peep Show” vibe of the ‘Find My Way Around’ music video, has undoubtedly contributed to their growing acclaim.

The collaboration with indie-pop counterparts Kawala on ‘Circular Motion’ adds an exciting chapter to Cassia’s narrative. Born out of a chance meeting at Barn on the Farm, their bromance blossomed over a couple of pints, culminating in a track that embodies the feel-good essence both bands are celebrated for. The result is a harmonious fusion of rhythmic subtlety, bright toplines, and infectious harmonies that coalesce seamlessly into what can only be described as an instant classic.

The plucky guitar melodies, playful drum grooves, and nifty bass-lines create a rich, sunny soundscape that not only dispels the autumn gloom but leaves the listener’s world a little brighter. Cassia’s recent endeavours are more than just a musical evolution; they are a testament to the band’s commitment to pushing creative boundaries and crafting an immersive experience for their audience.

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