Sometimes, a band comes along who are so far apart from the rest of everything else being produced in the music industry. Cassia is that band right now. I can’t attach their sound to any other band and honestly they seem to define the realms of genre. ‘High Tones’ is the latest in their discography of mind bending bangers. 

Despite struggling to pin these guys to one particular genre, there are a couple of things that any listener of Cassia will come to expect of their music and they don’t ever seem to miss any of those musical features. One of the hugest parts of the sound of this song and Cassia’s sound in general is the way that frontman Rob Ellis plays his guitar. There’s such a funky feel to the guitar and it’s highlighted by the fact that Rob plays so cleanly with his chosen technique.

After having seen Cassia recently when they supported Circa Waves, I can confirm that not only is this record a belter in it’s recorded form but it’s also really awe-inspiring to hear live. Much like every other song that I heard in the set from them that night.

‘High Tones’ is very much a song which feels like a summer soundtrack and has been dropped at exactly the right time. Perfect for those days in the park when you’re leathered with your mates under the sun.

The uniqueness of the band’s sound is quite an interesting story too, with a huge background in Afro-Caribbean music. That influence would explain the really lively, bouncy sound that makes every part of your body want to move. Rob Ellis’ dad grew up in Zambia and brought back his record collection from growing up which Rob went on to listen to as a child. A world away from being brought up on Oasis and The Beatles!

I don’t have a bad word to say about this song, I find it absolutely incredible that Cassia manages to pump out music of this quality so consistently and still keep their sound so fresh whilst doing so. There’s always something interesting within their tracks and this latest release is absolutely no exception to that.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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