Casinos, the Indie Pop trio hailing from Manchester, have firmly positioned themselves as a band to watch, drawing comparisons to the likes of The Killers and The 1975.

Their latest single, ‘Fashion Girls’, released on December 8th, is a compelling exploration of frontman Matthew’s vulnerabilities set against the backdrop of dates with a girl entrenched in the fashion industry. The lyrical depth and emotional resonance of the track have not gone unnoticed, earning praise as “a tremendous piece of work” from Charlie Ashcroft.

Casinos’ debut single, ‘No Longer Eighteen’, previously caught the attention of notable figures like Amazing Radio DJ Jim Gellatly, who aptly highlighted the band’s promising debut. The comparison to The Courteeners’ iconic ‘Not Nineteen Forever’ underscores Casinos’ potential to make a significant impact in the Indie Pop scene. The track’s inclusion in BBC Introducing Cumbria’s ‘Best of 2022′ broadcast further solidifies Casinos’ presence and indicates a promising trajectory for this emerging Manchester-based trio.

With a knack for crafting infectious tunes and meaningful lyrics, Casinos’ ‘Fashion Girls’ cements their status as a noteworthy addition to the indie music landscape.

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