‘All Or Nothing’, a track which encompasses all that is good about the sound of five-piece heavy hitters from Halifax known as Casino Havana, whilst also capturing influences from other bands they admire.

This tune hits hard right from the off with some huge sounding guitars and riffs which are just as catchy as the huge hook in this song. The guitars are, in my opinion, what really drive this track right the way through. There’s those bouncy sort of stabs which go on through the verse and then the chorus hits and everything just sounds huge.

One thing this track is slightly guilty of is, during the chorus, as huge as the tune sounds it becomes a little bit muddy. There’s not a huge amount of separation between the instruments and they all seem to sit in the same place in the mix which makes it sound slightly overcrowded. There is also a guitar riff which follows the melody underneath all of this which cannot be heard anywhere near as much as it needs to be, mostly because everything else does just drown it out. There just seems to be a huge lack of balance in levels, even going into the guitar solo and middle 8 sections. The lads say they have been away for a while to write and prepare a series of new tunes, 6 tracks is what they have prepared to be exact. These songs will be released in build up to the band’s debut EP, one which I will look forward to hearing given how catchy this first single is.

I would like to hear these songs produced better than this first one which they are releasing as I feel this track is a lot better than the production is showing. However, a brilliant start from the Yorkshire based lads, a band who I really hope to hear more from this year.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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