BOARDWALK is the magnificent brainchild of Michael Marguet, LA-based musician and producer. With strong influence of Jungle, LCD Soundsystem and Phoenix it’s clear to see where the ideas behind the funky grooves and the gentle synth swells come from. ‘I Got Myself’ is the hypnotic crossroad of indietronica, psychedelia and synthpop that has been creeping into indie music and BOARDWALK has perfected the combination with this song.

‘I Got Myself’ is first single and opening track off of BOARDWALK’s debut EP ‘Tsunami Orange’ which came out in mid-July. The gentle motion through the song lead by the swirling synth lines if beautifully complimented by soft, dreamy vocals which give the song a feeling of nostalgia while also boasting a fresh, modern electro-psych sound. The track has a positive message about being comfortable with your own space and your own journey and finding solace in independence.

While his music and lyrics come across as fun and danceable, the whole inspiration behind his songwriting comes from Michael’s life-threatening experience with cancer. “It really puts things in
perspective. During chemo, I told myself that I had a responsibility to send out as much love and positive
energy into the universe as I could when I finally made it out. It’s what I felt I was put here to do, and the
way in which I do it best is through music. I just want everyone to dance!”. Albeit a dark place these ideas have stemmed from he’s been able to shine that light bright and create an infectious sound that is uplifting and mellow.


Written by Stuart Daley