Right from the off, the latest single from Blondes, ‘Does It Rain On You?’, feels like a real get up and go indie tune ready for the feel of packed out rooms fuelled by cider and good vibes. A real summer vibe. 

The track itself just displays everything that is great about indie music and this modern age of light hearted pop infused indie. ‘Does it Rain On You?’ Not only tells a story throughout the song with its poetic lyricism, but also manages to do what every great pop song ever does. It has that huge hook that keeps rolling around and has you singing along whilst bopping your whole body.

Something which has to be a choice which was made for this song is the distorted/driven snare drum in the intro section. Although I see the effect the lads have wanted this to have, I just feel like it’s a little bit abrasive to listen to and the track would benefit from either less or no gain in that snare. Probably a production choice that was made in the post production stages.

This song has a great blend of that light hearted nature and the angst within the guitar tones. So much fuzz and it fills out the track so much without ever getting in the way. Insane tone on the guitar and brilliant production after the fact.

Honestly, this track as a whole doesn’t really put a foot wrong musically. Even the production for the whole track aside from the one little bit at the start is absolutely stellar. Great work.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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