The latest single from Scottish songwriter Blair Davie is about as heartfelt as any song I have ever heard. ‘Lovely’ mixes emotion and the discussion of hard-to-discuss feelings with a hugely bouncy and lively piece of music. 

The track starts with what feels like a timeless opening and something really instantly recognisable. Beyond this opening, the track just continues to build on itself and becomes bigger and bigger into the chorus which has you hooked on every last word.

Blair has spent his teenage years honing his craft through fronting different bands and his own solo music. Listening to just this track alone it’s clear that he’s put so much work in within that time frame to get better; to become the songwriter and musician he is now. This track comes after a European support tour where Davie’s shared the stage with JP Cooper, a renowned artist himself. You can only imagine that tracks like ‘Lovely’ went down a storm with those crowds.

This sort of talent isn’t one that’s just god-given, it’s something that takes years of practice. I’d love to hear more from an artist who is noticeably sincere within his songwriting and I would implore any lover of music alike to also give Blair a listen.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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