The latest single from Scottish singer-songwriter Blair Davie is here and what a way to build into an EP release! This track is so incredibly catchy I can’t quite believe it. 

After huge amounts of support from national tastemakers and spotify editorial placements galore, Blair has not failed to follow up on his former success with another banger of a track. This tune absolutely would not be out of place played on the main stage of a festival with a crowd of people bouncing around in front. The track just has a humongous sound which fills your ears throughout.

There’s really not much bad I can pick out of this song, its written with real pop sensibilities that make it seem extremely familiar. The one point I do have with this song, is very much within that familiarity claim. Although the familiarity of a piece of music is quite often a good quality, in this case I actually sense a bit of unoriginality. The song feels like it’s been done before and that’s something which I feel pulls this track down. That could be accidental in which case I’ll apologise but it does seem a little bit intentional in sections.

Though this is a heavy piece of criticism the rest of this song is simply outstanding without that one quality. Definitely something I’d have in my playlists and listen to all the time, in fact it may have just gained itself a spot. Blair Davie definitely knows his way around a catchy tune and has shown that with this release. One that will absolutely get caught in your head.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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