An artist I’ve come across before when writing reviews and one that last time out, I wasn’t a huge fan of. This time around, Belot has not failed to impress my ears. 

This song is unbelievably infectious, my toes were tapping the whole way through and the song is so good that it actually felt familiar. I felt like I’d heard this song before.

There’s layers in this track that a lot of listeners wouldn’t notice but layers that add so much to the song. Just little details that I can’t fully pick out somewhere lurking in the song, something that has obviously had time spent on it during the recording process. There seems to have been a lot of attention to detail that’s gone into the making of this track and it doesn’t go unnoticed.

There’s a certain standard that’s expected of pop music especially within its production, this track has not fallen short of that and has somehow blown that expectation away. Seriously, this track sounds like it’s straight out of the charts.

Written by Simon Stirzaker

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